A dog helped a new born baby's life

    This is something which surprised and felt me amazing about it.
     An unbelievable incident which happened this time.

     A man was riding his bike on the morning and noticed that a dog is having something in his mouth with blood drops all along. He went closer to the dog to see what it is and he was surprised to see its a baby who is born some time ago hardly couple of hours.
    This dog had done an amazing job though the people were afraid, but it didn't do any harm to any and the baby is in the safe hands now.

    Even the doctors were surprised by the way of holding new born baby. As per the investigation, a girl has visited hospital in early hours to emergency room and doctors refused to check in. It is suspected that the girl might threw the baby somewhere where people couldn't find, but dog had done a great job in moving the baby to the place where he can be saved.

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    Photo Source:urdogs.com
    Photo Source:urdogs.com

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