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    Why Socialbakers
    We admit it - free tools are fine. Native interfaces can be useful. There are many ways to get glimpses into the social media world your audience (and potential audience) lives in. But what about when you want to go deeper? What about when you want to get actionable, competitive insights across multiple networks? What about when you want to revolutionize your social marketing, driving it ahead of the competition?

    Ten Reasons To Use the Socialbakers Marketing Suite

    Industry-leading social analytics with fast, easy reporting for all levels of your organization

    Deep, competitive analytics that tell you how your social performance stacks against the competition and wider industry benchmarks.

    Track the KPIs for social customer care and deliver Socially Devoted levels of customer service on Facebook and Twitter.

    See what a professional-grade publishing tool can do for your global social teams. Monitor conversations, assign responses, track performance, and so much more with Socialbakers Builder.

    Benchmark your performance against the competition and top social performers globally or regionally.

    Create, manage, and optimize all of your Twitter and Facebook Ads in one place.

    Quickly identify your best content and top Posting times and start meeting your audience where they want to be met.

    Track your brand’s performance over the long term with our industry-first benchmarks: Socially Devoted and Smart Storytellers

    Be confident in the security of your social profiles and manage user rights with ease.

    Cut through the noise and start following the conversations that matter the most to your brand.

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