OpenMentor is a non-profit organization, registered in India, under the Indian Trust Act 1882. It was started in 2009 as a CSR initiative (Corporate Social Responsibility) by Softsmith Infotech with the motto "The Whole World can learn for free". Softsmith Infotech started OpenMentor learning portal based on the study carried out with various institutes and their course content versus the actual requirement by the industry.
    OpenMentor thrives hard to meet the gap between college learning and industry requirement. OpenMentor is also driven by the thought "No individual should be deprived of basic software skills when learner is interested in knowing about the subject".
    OpenMentor feels that to survive in the software industry or to enter into software industry, there are some basic software skills that need to be enriched and those needs are met through various software skill programs provided by OpenMentor site.
    OpenMentor works hard to increase the employability through a set of structured methods. Currently OpenMentor comes up with unique concept in evaluating the skills of the individual through specially designed programs. All these programs are available for free for all the job seekers. To know more about this, visit OpenMentor model for Job Seekers.
    OpenMentor invites suggestion from the Employers on selecting the right candidate for their requirements. Give your valuable suggestion in Employers Suggestion form (requires login authentication).
    To improve our site, feel free to give your suggestion/Feedback in Feedback Form.

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