Welcome to the new Knowledge Centre - Richard Bearman, Director Business Banking UK

    Welcome to the refreshed and redesigned Knowledge Centre – HSBC’s one-stop online magazine and information centre for small businesses with ambitions to grow.
    We’ve updated the look, revised the content and created a more accessible website that is in tune with the needs and aspirations of the UK’s small businesses and start-ups. Each month we’ll be bringing you inspiring stories about growing small businesses like yours, as well as insight from leading experts and features that offer practical advice about a variety of key subjects to help you run your business with greater success in the global marketplace.
    Each month you can expect brand new features, how-to articles, Q&As, stories about successful small firms, business owners and entrepreneurs, thought-provoking blogs and a must-read weekly feed of latest SME news.
    You can also increase your knowledge by reading our comprehensive range of how-to guides and checklists, based on insight from leading SME experts. They offer real-world advice to help you, whether you’re starting, running or seeking to grow your business.
    You can also use our new interactive online tools that can enable you to create a business plan, identify the right finance for your business or test whether your business is ready to start selling to customers overseas. We’ve also included links to information-rich guides so you can find out more about key international markets.
    Throughout the site, you’ll also find links to carefully chosen HSBC products and services that could help you to grow your business. We’re fully committed to supporting the UK’s start-ups and small businesses and we want to help you capitalise on opportunities that could help turn your business into a more dynamic, successful and profitable enterprise.
    We hope you like the Knowledge Centre and think of it as the go-to website for small business news, know-how and inspiration. Enjoy.

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