Indrani mukharjee is new role model oh no!!

    Teacher:- who is your 'role model'?

    Class 9th Girl: Ma'am, Indrani Mukharjee!

    Teacher : (Shocked) Why?😳😳 

    Girl:- See Ma'am, Abdul Kalam passed away - no debate.
    Sania won Wimbledon - 10 minutes coverage.
    4/5 toppers in IAS are women - do we even know? 
    Indian women hockey team got entry in Olympics after 20 years - have we ever heard? 
    Have we ever seen any interview from Indra Nooyi ...Chanda Kochchar...???

    Look at Indrani Mukharjee, inch by inch they are covering, how much struggle she had , how ambitious she is, how beautiful she many husbands she had...what companies she had...I am inspired by what I see in TV...
    Ma'am I want to become full cover story like Indrani Mukharjee ..!

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