A non-profit organization that is building an ecosystem to bring to fruition

    I was checking about one of the NGO which is offering software for a bit low price...that's interesting. Here are the details below:

    NASSCOM Foundation is a non-profit organization that is building an ecosystem to bring to fruition – Technology For Good.

    Picture this. A perfect India free from the grips of poverty, gender inequality, overpopulation, corruption, malnutrition and many other socio- economic challenges that she faces today. Idealistic isn’t it? In a country like ours where non for profits operate along with other stakeholders to paint just this picture of the country, despite the existing challenges, there remains a lot to be done to empower and enable these bodies to realize their potential. We see it as 'demand'.

    Technology and the IT- BPM industry has played a fundamental role in development contributing to the nation’s GDP. However, it has not impacted the bottom of the pyramid and still remains exclusive. There is untapped potential of this huge industry to make sustainable development a reality. We see it as 'opportunity'.

    NASSCOM Foundation, leveraging its unique position as the social arm of the industry body NASSCOM, aims to meet this 'demand' tapping the 'opportunity'. Our work is just as expansive and evolutionary as the potential that technology and corporate India entail. Drawing strength from its strong association with its four major stakeholders - NASSCOM, NGOs, emerging social enterprises and Government, the Foundation is changing India bit by bit.

    The Foundation is leveraging the capabilities of IT-BPM member companies of NASSCOM along with emerging social enterprises to meet the technology needs of non-profits and underserved communities across India with continuous support from the Government. By doing so, the Foundation aims to facilitate the achievement of development objectives of all:

    Member companies, by helping them go beyond traditional CSR and exercise strategic CSR as a way of business conduction.

    NGOs, by providing easier access to technology hence increasing their capacity to achieve their ground objectives.

    Social enterprises, by creating an eco-system that supports innovative models for development

    And, finally an inclusive India by driving social good through the largest sector of the country.
    - See more at: https://www.nasscomfoundation.org/who-we-are.html#sthash.3k7GaNcF.dpuf


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