Google Page redirects to some unknown parameters

    Whenever i open my browser and look for an homepage or website on first usage, it gets redirected to another url which has unknown parameters which is totally unknown:

    Google gfe_rd=cr&ei= URL Mystery Revealed

    What is  gfe_rd=cr&ei= ?
                It just a cookie link redirected to your browser based on the country.

    Here it is? "gfe_rd=cr&ei="
    gfe means Google Front-End,
    rd means Redirect,
    cr means Country.
    (till this you can find in all websites)
     And the final ei means Engine Id and also some random combination of numbers and letters is a cookie sent to our desktop..

    Google Front-End  
    provide Gmail, Calendar, Picasa Web Albums, Docs, Blogger, Reader and many other services.

    How to Remove this from your browser?
    Google Chrome:
              Settings -> Appearance->Show Home Button -> Change it to or

    Mozilla Firefox:
              Tools->Options-> General tab->Homepage-> Change it to or

    Internet Explorer:
              Tools->Internet Options-> Homepage-> Change it to or

    What is /ncr? 
                    From other sites i got this information as no country redirect.and it'll take you back to the regular,   English-speaking without all the local results. But its not have any major effect.

    This result is based on little research online. Thanks to all authors for information.

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