Best interactive on-screen tutorials creator

    I was searching for interactive on-screen tutorials tools which help my tasks simple.

    Here is one of the best tool which is so easy to understand to anyone.

    WalkMe™ allows you to easily add interactive on-screen tutorials, called Walk-Thrus™ to your website or HTML software program, providing users with step-by-step instructions on how to complete even the most complex tasks.
    Creating customizable Walk-Thrus™ is remarkably easy and doesn’t require any technical expertise. Our advanced development platform – available as a Firefox browser plug-in – gives you full control over the content, design, placement and functionality of each step of your on-screen guides.
    Publishing Walk-Thrus™ to your target application couldn’t be simpler: you just need to insert a single line of code to your host server (similar to the process for including Google Analytics)… and that’s it. And once you’ve added your WalkMe™ Walk-Thrus™ – which appear as step-by-step balloon hints on top of a website– users can view them downloading or install any software.
    WalkMe is available as an Internet service, accessed via a standard web browser. It includes three modules: WalkMe Editor, for creating and editing Walk-Thrus; WalkMe Player, a discreet on-screen button which allows end-users to control Walk-Thru displays; and WalkMe Analytics, for accessing and interrogating Walk-Thru playback data.
    The WalkMe platform is designed to allow site owners, content developers and marketing personnel – to effortlessly enhance the usability of their website or application: dramatically improving task completion and end-user satisfaction levels, while reducing drop-out rates and help-desk service requests.
    It achieves all this without any programming or complex integration – and no end-user software download or installation. Notably, thanks to WalkMe’s patented and unique Element Identification AlgorithmTM, even if your target screen design, display resolution, or HTML page content changes, your WalkMe Walk-Thrus will appear exactly as you specified. It seamlessly adjusts to these changes, without the user having even noticed.

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