How To Protect Fix And Check DNS Changer Malware Infected Computer in india

    A virus named by DNS Changer Malware has affected a lot of computers in Whole world. Specially in USA. Warnings are spreading in internet. Both the Google and Facebook are showing notifications to user if they are visiting from a infected computer. The Facebook users will get a message that says, “Your computer or network might be infected,”. Google is showing a same message at the top of a Google search results page. Internet service providers have sent notices to their customer and the FBI has set up a special website.

    If your computer is infected you will lose access to the Internet. More than 300,000 unique IP addresses are still affected by DNS Changer Malware, almost 70,000, are in the USA.
    DNS—Domain Name System—is a Internet service that converts user-friendly domain names, such as, into numerical addresses that allow computers to contact each other. Without DNS and the DNS servers operated by ISP, computer users would not be able to surf websites or send e-mail.
    On November 8, the FBI, the NASA-OIG and Estonian police arrested SixEstonian cyber criminals in “Operation Ghost Click” for running a Internet fraud ring that infected millions of computers worldwide. The FBI wanted to close the fraud servers. As a result the infected computers may lost the access to the Internet suddenly. So, the FBI got a court order to continue running the servers.  If infected computers are not fixed by 9th July, their Internet connections will lost. FBI gave the ISPs more time to fix the problem. But still a large number of computers are not cured !
     Are You Infected With DNSChanger Malware
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    Check DNS Changer Malware Infected Computer:

    Go to the following link If your computer is infected you will see a red background. Otherwise a Green background. See here for more information about how to detect DNS Changer malware.
    Security firm McAfee has a brought up a website to check DNS Changer Malware affected Computer.

    Protect yourself from DNS Changer and other Malware:

    See the link to know how to protect yourself from this dreadful malware and many other viruses.

    How to fix a infected computer:

    Fixing a affected computer is not a easy task. Its better to consult with a professional specialist.  Please remember that replacement servers will not fix the DNSChanger malware. Learn about DNSChanger malware and how it can affect your computer by downloading the PDF provided by FBI. Register as a victim of the DNSChanger malware in FBI.
    See here the details about how to clean up malware associated with DNS Changer.

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