Husband Wife Love Quotes - Marriage Love quotes

    "Sweet love quotes for husband and wife. Nice love quotes on marriage to say to your better half.

    • Even my child started to walk without any support, nut my wife still holds my hand while walking
    • A wife is the joy of a man's heart
    • Love is moral even without legal marriage, but marriage is immoral without love.
    • There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage. - Martin Luther King
    • You don't marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who you cannot live without.
    • No man is truly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying
    • A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, and always with the same person. - Mignon McLaughlin
    • An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets the more interested he is in her.
    • To be happy with a man you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all
    • Many marriages would be better if the husband and the wife clearly understood that they are on the same side.
    • The husband who decides to surprise his wife is often very much surprised himself. ;)
    • A good wife is one who serves her husband in the morning like a mother does, loves him in the day like a sister does and pleases him like a prostitute in the night. - Chanakya
    • The relationship between husband and wife should be one of closest friends. - B. R. Ambedkar
    • Whenever I fail as a father or husband... a toy and a diamond always works. - Shah Rukh Khan
    • When a husband brings his wife flowers for no reason, there’s a reason. - Molly McGee
    • A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband. - Honore De Balzac
    • A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband, while a man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.
    • After marriage, husband and wife become two sides of a coin; they just can’t face each other, but still they stay together.
    • At first a woman doesn’t want anything but a husband, but just as soon as she gets one, she wants everything else in the world.- Elbert Hubbard
    • At first a woman doesn’t want anything but a husband, but just as soon as she gets one, she wants everything else in the world. - Elbert Hubbard

    • Sometimes I think [my husband] is so amazing that I don't know why he's with me. I don't know whether I'm good enough. But if I make him happy, then I'm everything I want to be. - Angelina Jolie
    • In a husband there is only a man; in a married woman there is a man, a father, and mother, and a woman. - Honore de Balzac
    • Husbands are like fires - they go out if unattended. - Zsa Zsa Gabor
    • A good wife makes a good husband
    • Of all the home remedies, a good wife is best.
    • When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.
    • My wife dresses to kill. She cooks the same way. - Henry Youngman
    • A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man. - Lana Turner
    • No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed indeed. - Harold Macmillan


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